Music Without A Middle


Awholelottabass&alittlebitoffiddle, AWLOB&ALBOF, is a duo of forward sideways thinking musicians who decided to strip music down to its most basic elements - a bass and a violin. The side-project, Awholelottabass&alittlebitoffiddle, was founded.

The musicians are Rick Dugan on bass, either acoustic upright bass or six-string electric. The rest of the musicians are Tom Gunterman on violin, either five-string electric or five-string acoustic. Or six-string. Or seven. Maybe four. But usually five. But recently predominantly six.

Rick is an in-demand bass player who plays in Coloma Celtic and Tepid Club Of Cool. Tom plays in the rock band Walking Spanish and, when alone, in his one-man band Alittlebitoffiddle.

The big band version, when the show dictates, is a four piece with the name Awholelotta Little Big Band. Patrick Picchi, drummist extraordinaire of Walking Spanish provides all percussive needs. When Patrick is unavailable, another drummer may fill in Patrick’s big shoes with equally big feet. Thom Bentley, a guitarist named a National Treasure by his peers, stars on 7-string guitar and telecaster. Thom, like Rick, is also of Tepid Club Of Cool.

Awholelottabass & Alittlebitoffiddle Hours

Open year-round, 24hrs/day, no exception!


Second Tuesday of August from 1:30 (a.m. and p.m.) - 2:15 (just p.m.) 

Third day after Mother’s Day


The Greater Sacramento area, California

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